Our Mission

At Snugglebuds, we understand that the addition of a newborn into the home is a precious and joyous time that can also be accompanied by huge changes including sleep deprivation. We believe that quality sleep is crucial to the mental, physical, psychological, and emotional well-being of the mother and everyone else in the household including the newborn and other family members. That’s why we have developed an overnight infant care service that we believe will help alleviate many of the challenges that new moms and their family’s face during this time.

Our company’s mission includes:

Delivering trusted, high-quality, and client-centered care within the scope of evidence-based practice.

Blending traditional and more modern approaches to include culturally sensitive newborn care.

Providing a "Snugglebud" experience that is best suited for the unique needs of you and your family.

At Snugglebuds, our philosophy is your philosophy. In other words, we take the time to get to know your family’s needs and how you want to integrate our services into your infant’s overnight care.

We understand that parents have their personal methods, ideas, and preferences on how to raise and take care of their newborn. Our professionals will make recommendations but will never enforce any approaches without your request or permission.

Our ultimate mission is to help your family establish a peaceful and tranquil environment by empowering you through support, education and quality service.